Unsupervised 3D registration through optimization-guided cyclical self-training [PDF]

Alexander Bigalke, Lasse Hansen, Tony C. W. Mok, Mattias P. Heinrich

International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention -- MICCAI 2023


Chasing Clouds: Differentiable Volumetric Rasterisation of Point Clouds as a Highly Efficient and Accurate Loss for Large-Scale Deformable 3D Registration [PDF]

Mattias P. Heinrich, Alexander Bigalke, Christoph Großbröhmer, Lasse Hansen

International Conference on Computer Vision -- ICCV 2023


Robust and Realtime Large Deformation Ultrasound Registration Using End-to-End Differentiable Displacement Optimisation [HTML]

Mattias P. Heinrich, Hanna Siebert, Laura Graf, Sven Mischkewitz, Lasse Hansen




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