We develop medical imaging software for point-of-care ultrasound devices that provides physicians and surgeons with real-time mobile visualisation and guidance for musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnoses and interventions. For more information on the current state of development or joint project proposals, please use the contact form.


Our freehand ultrasound software enables fast and radiation-free detection and three-dimensional imaging of bone fractures. Expert knowledge provided by AI algorithms allows diagnoses by all healthcare staff and away from specialised centres (e.g. outpatient paediatric and sports clinics or ambulance services).


Currently, complex fracture reconstructions without open incision require surgery with expensive marker-based navigation systems and/or (repeated) X-ray or even CT follow-up to ensure an optimal treatment outcome. We are working on a point-of-care ultrasound-based surgical navigation system that does not require external tracking and can thus be used cost-effectively in medical facilities of all sizes.


With our concept of freehand diagnosis and intervention using point-of-care ultrasound we plan to provide high-quality care at low cost, which is in line with our stated goal to create equality regarding access to the best possible healthcare, especially in rural areas and lower income countries. For more information on the UN Sustainable Development Goals visit https://sdgs.un.org/goals.


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